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Our Packages

Tailored options to accommodate every unique brand.


By partnering with us, you know that you will receive industry leading marketing content, shot and edited by professionals at the top of their game.

Included as Standard

Online Gallery
Professional Editing
Colour Grading
Audio Mixing (for videos)
Optimised Formats (posts/stories etc)
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Our Packages

We offer a variety of options in order to accommodate every unique brand.

Where necessary, we can offer bespoke packages on request.


For those brands just starting out who want a few images that will set them apart from their competitors.


All standard deliverables
9 - 12 images
2 products
1 location
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Aimed at young, but established brands who are looking to take their digital marketing to the next level.


All standard deliverables
20 - 25 images
30 second video
3 products
2 locations
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    For those who simply want the best.


    All standard deliverables
    60+ images
    3x 30 second videos
    Up to 9 products
    3 locations
    NOMAD promotion
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    Aimed at those larger brands who require a primary focus on video content and have multiple products to shoot.


    All standard deliverables
    90 second promotional video
    3x 30 second product videos
    Up to 30 images
    Up to 6 products
    NOMAD promotion
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    *Tailored packages available upon request.

    How it Works

    We'd love to partner with your brand at our shoot.

    Step 1.

    Get in Touch! Reach out to us via the contact page, by email or dm. If you have any questions or would like clarification of any information, please don't hesitate to ping us a message.

    Next Step

    Step 2.

    After an initial conversation with one of our team, please send us your products well in advance of our shoot. We will then storyboard a few prospective images and get back to you!

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    Step 3.

    After approving our ideas, or adding your own, we'll run our two day shoot and provide live updates/feedback to you about our progress.

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    Step 4.

    After the shoot, we'll sift through our content to find the very best ones. We will edit and colour grade all content individually, giving each image/video the care and attention it deserves.

    Get Started!

    Additional Information

    Questions we often get asked.


    Do you work with everyone?

    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee every brand a spot. We are selective about the brands we work with and will only work with brands who align with our ethics & morals.

    Will I get my products back?

    If you'd like them back, we can return them! However, generally after each shoot we run a promotional giveaway which not only promotes our work, but your fantastic products too!

    Do you offer bespoke packages?

    Absolutely. We will endeavour to work with any brand to find a tailored solution that works.

    What's the best way to get in touch?

    If you send us a message, we'll find it! Feel free to reach out to us by any medium; email, dm or the contact page.

    Are you guys professional photographers?

    We sure are! Over the last year we've been lucky to shoot for brands such as Saltrock, Mini UK and Jack Wills.

    Why don't you show your prices?

    Given how bespoke each shoot is, it is impossible for us to have one set price. We may be working with a larger team or in a location further afield and as such our prices have to reflect this. However we will always do what we can to accommodate all brands so please do get in touch.