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Grace Elizabeth


Grace is a wedding, lifestyle and commercial photographer based between Essex and the South West. From as young as 10, Grace had a camera in her hands and is quickly becoming a renowned photographer.

Having spent her teenage years growing up in Devon, where she met her boyfriend, for the past nine years she has developed a love for working with people and an appreciation for incorporating the dramatic and changeable landscapes they live in, rather than working against them.

Grace graduated from New College Stamford in 2015 with a Foundation Degree in Creative and Editorial Photography, where she combined her love for writing with creating storytelling imagery. She then went on to do a top up year at Essex University, where she graduated in 2016. She spent her final year developing a wide range of skills using different mediums and worked on numerous documentary photographic projects. In 2018, two years after graduating, she became a full time photographer at the age of just 24.

Since then, Grace has single-handedly built her own business as a wedding, lifestyle and commercial photographer and regularly travels across the UK to help tell incredible stories. She has a penchant for creating thought-provoking, story-telling photography and has a keen eye for noticing even the tiniest details. Her clear love for photography, coupled with her ability to fit into any scenario, is what distinguishes her from the rest. It is these core traits that has helped her to build a dedicated following.






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